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Aradhana Silvermoon: Press

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you for the many hours of pure enjoyment and healing I've received from playing "Infinite Oneness." I play the CD during healing sessions, yoga, and even listen while cooking. I am always inspired by your authentic energy and the lyrics.

Once again, thank you dear sister, and many blessings to you.

Dena Crowder
"Artful Living through Practical Mysticism"
Hot music, Hot bod, Hot soul... watch out world, a new sun is on the rise, a
new heart beats within us all when music of the soul from the lips of the spirit
resonant in the cool breeze of life... aradhana will see to that.
Scott Carr
I've been listening to your songs (for the first time) on myspace. You have an amazing gift. Your voice is heavenly, and your words definitely show your connection to the heart and higher realms. Bravo.

I've been especially touched by Infinite Oneness, maybe because I was fortunate to get to meet Patrick. . . . .
I'm hoping to get to see and hear you 'live' this time around ;-)
Aradhana Silvermoon truly is a gift to the music industry - an artist that forms melodies and assembles songs for enlightened reasons, treating her music “like medicine, providing strength and healing during many of life’s challenges.” The Baltimore-born songbird operates with the sensible words of Plato floating through her mind: “Music… gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

Silvermoon doesn’t just rely on her encouraging motives for her success - she has the talent and experience to back it up. Gifted on the guitar, piano and in African drumming, Aradhana first played in the acoustic group Roots A’Risin’ in Washington DC. They went as far to open for the Jerry Garcia Band on New Years Eve in 2003, but Silvermoon would have to soon part ways with the group to honor her true path as “a vessel for healing music. ” She needed to break away on her own course - one that took her to Los Angeles. After gathering more and more experience and insight there, she released her first solo album in 2006 titled, “Infinite Oneness.”

Music such as this “has the power to transform, heal, uplift, and open hearts… sharing messages of peace and forgiveness.” You can hear such pieces at a variety of healing centers, yoga studios, and coffee shops throughout the country - it’s just music that makes you feel good; earthy tones that emit warmth and compassion. It’s so difficult to duplicate, but Aradhana is able to produce such art “from a place deep within.” Keep an eye out for more from this emerging artist, check out “Infinite Oneness,” and read the XXQ’s.